How Does Genelex Help The Health Care System?

How Does Genelex Help The Health Care System?

Genelex is a certified lab that performs pharmacogenetic testing and helps improve personalized medication management. Read on to know more.

How Does Genelex Help The Health Care System?

Genelex is an accredited lab and offers comprehensive and accurate results backed by clinical validation. We concentrate on pharmacogenetic testing and medication metabolism to enhance the personalized medication management system. We particularly analyze the patient’s medication metabolic impact based on their gene variations. Mr.Waleed Alabsi has been associated with the health care field for many years and is working to improve patient care by supporting health-related research and programs.

Medication metabolism is an important topic and has a great role to play in precision medicine. Let’s learn more about medication metabolism.

What is medication metabolism?

Medication metabolism is the transformation of the pharmaceutical substances in our bodies. The metabolism changes the clinical structure of the substances in the body. Drugs can be metabolized through different processes, including:

  1. Oxidation
  2. Reduction
  3. Hydrolysis
  4. Hydration
  5. Conjugation
  6. Condensation
  7. Isomerization

There are many facts regarding drug metabolism that may surprise you. When a drug is metabolized, it becomes inactivated. But, pharmaceutically, the drug metabolism makes the drug active, helping the medicine leave its effects on the body.

Patient variability:

The medication metabolism capacity depends on the patient. People have high or low metabolism rates, and the level of effects of drug metabolism depends on these factors.

Those who have a rapid metabolism will clear the drugs very quickly before reaching their therapeutic concentrations. Those who have a slow metabolism also metabolize drugs slowly that accumulate the drugs in the bloodstream. A higher concentration of drugs in the body causes more adverse effects.

The factors that affect the drug metabolism are:

  1. A genetic predisposition
  2. Chronic liver disorder
  3. Advanced heart failure, and more

Genelex concentrates on all these factors that can improve the health of people. Pharmacogenetic testing is another important area that we include in our approaches. Such testing identifies the gene variation regarding the drug response. The variant in the gene can change the drug response in people. We want to improve the personalized medication management system, and our lab provides enough information to people associated with the medical professionals.

Genelex for patients helps them understand their body’s ability to metabolize medications as well as how they respond to some drugs. They can take better decisions for their health. Genelex helps doctors to prescribe medicines maintaining precision by eliminating adverse drug events. We also help pharmacists and take part in different clinical trials. Contact Mr Waleed Alabsi to get more details about Genelex as he is one of the important parts of this program. He supports Genelex to enhance the approaches of doctors for patient care.

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