Genelex For A Better Care Of Your Health

Genelex For A Better Care Of Your Health

Genelex is a diagnostic lab that concentrates on pharmacogenetic testing and the use of medications to improve health care system.

Genelex For A Better Care Of Your Health

Genelex is a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) lab that offers you precise laboratory diagnostics. We deliver an accurate and comprehensive result, enhancing the health care approaches. Our every result expresses the clinical validity and analysis in the best form. We offer complete support to our customers. Mr Waleed Alabsi, the CEO of Alabsi Group, extends his hands to promote Genelex for patient care. You can visit us to know more details.

We are a trusted diagnostic lab with our experienced staff, state-of-art technologies, premium quality testing, and the medication management system. Genelex offers a pharmacogenetic test and introduces patient’s metabolic impact that incorporates data regarding patients’ genes and medication they use.

Genelex offers an appropriate choice for providers, patients, pharmacists, and medical trials. We explain things further for your clear knowledge about the facts.

For patients:

Many patients are not aware of the fact that gene variants have a direct effect on drug responses. Because of these gene variants, two people have different drug responses to the same medicines. We can make you understand the medicines and your body’s response with pharmacogenetic testing. Genelex will clear your doubts because the name has been in the genetic testing for 30 years. We analyze both our FDA-approved drugs and gene interactions very well. Besides, we also include data regarding other drugs, over-the-counter medicine, herbal supplements, and more.

For providers:

Genelex helps providers to make them understand their patients’ health by revealing every detail regarding their gene variations and the medicine they take.

For pharmacist:

It is one of the leading names in molecular diagnostics and genetic testing with a concentrated focus on pharmacogenetics study. Our state-of-the-art laboratory has robotics DNA, a proprietary test platform, methodologies, rapid turnaround, and more.

For clinical trials:

We serve a large clinically validated menu. With the broad allelic coverage, we can use many sample types to support any clinical trials in the best way.

You can contact us to get any information. Genelex offers support to the health care system by revealing the generic study and different drug responses in the human body. You will get the best approaches for your health when you connect with Genelex.

We are a partner of Alabsi Group led by Mr Waleed Alabsi, a company that connects dots to help businesses across the globe for fulfilling their demands. Genelex provides the best medical support and takes care of your health in many ways. Our diagnostic lab has every facility needed for conducting advanced tests for your health.

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